Welcome to Froggy Tuition’s Pre Kindy Graduation Practice Page!

Below you will find the audio track that your child will be performing during our Graduation/Presentation Ceremony.

Please refer to our previous newsletter advising which group your child is in. If you are unsure simply ask one of our friendly staff.

Please practice your child’s group performance by listening to their group audio encourage there inner star to shine!

Group 1 Audio – Surah Al Ikhlas,  Nasheed Laa ilaaha illaAllah, Phonics Song, Hajj Tawaf


Group 2 Audio – Surah Al Masad, Al Nasr, Arabic Alphabet, Nasheed- My Mother, Days of the Week


Group 3 Audio – Ayatul Kursi, reading ‘The mouse in my house’, Nasheed Tala Al Badru Alayna