Practice performances at home Froggy Friends

Below you will find the audio track that your child will be performing during our Graduation/Presentation Ceremony.

Please refer to our previous newsletter advising which group your child is in. If you are unsure simply ask one of our friendly staff.

Please practice your child’s group performance by listening to their group audio encourage there inner star to shine!

Group A Audio

 Surah Al Ikhlas, English Phonics Song, Days of the week, Hajj Tawaf

Group B Audio

Surah Al Masad, Arabic Alphabet, Arabic numbers, Nasheed- My Mother

Group C Audio

Ayatul Kursi, Attahiyat, reading ‘The mouse in my house’, Nasheed Tala Al Badru Alayna


Who should you give your love to?

Your respect and your honour to?

Who should you pay good mind to – after Allah

And Rasullullah?

Comes your Mother

Who next? Your Mother

Who next? Your Mother

And then your Father


Cause who used to hold you

And clean you and clothe you?

Who used to feed you

And always be with you?

When you were sick, stay up all night

Holding you tight?

That’s right no other, your Mother


My Mother

Say Alhamdulillah, Thank you Allah, Thank You Allah for my Mother 

Group C students will need to read the following sentences on stage:

The mouse in my house.

This is the mouse.

That lives in my house.

That is over the bridge.

That is next to the station.