Forging Legends

A holistic mentoring program covering

Islamic and Western classics

Forging the next generation of Legends

Froggy’s ‘Forging Legends Program’ is a fresh, Islamic-based personal development program.

Each term, 2 exciting books will be taught, one fundamental Islamic Matn (text) and one classic from the literary pantheon of the West. 

During our pilot program, the two books selected, after consultation with respected Mashayekh and istikhara are: Al-Arba’een of Imam an-Nawawi and How to Read a Book by Mortimer J. Adler.

The course will run Saturday nights from 4:15-6pm on Saturdays for 11 weeks commencing 4th May. 

Instructed by Mr Emad who has personally studied and received ijazaat (permission to teach) in the books that will be covered, AlhamduliLah.

The objective of this class is to supplement the high school boys’ academic learning with traditional Islamic studies and real world skills to develop them into independent men with a focus on the Sunnah.

Acceptance into this class is subject to the decorum of the student; etiquette is expected to be demonstrated, particularly considering the sacred nature of the content.

Fee: Just $132 for 11 weeks, payable upfront for the duration of the course.

Our Forging Legends course
will teach you:

  • Foundational Hadith essential for solidifying Islamic character & identity

  • Critical skills required for academic success

  • Skills to tackle life’s challenges

  • The value in following the sunnah & benefits it brings to spiritual & worldly endeavours

  • Understanding of the Prophetic biography & his noble character (PBUH)

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