Award Winning High School 7-10 Tuition

2019 WINNER & ’20, ’21, ’22 top 3 finalist in Canterbury-Bankstown Local Business Awards for

“Most Outstanding Education Centre”


Our Award Winning Leap Tuition English & Maths programs cover all aspects of the Australian Curriculum

It is of critical importance to ensure any gaps in the understanding of English & Maths concepts are resolved early in High School as results in Year 7 determine the level of Maths and English the student will be placed in Year 8 and so forth. It is therefore critical that students gain a thorough understanding of topics as it will affect their options for the future. 

Don’t stress! Leap is here to help!


Our high school classes are nice & small to ensure every student receives the help they need. 

We have an awesome English program that we follow to ensure core English skills are perfected and our Maths program is very flexible to accomodate what our students are currently working through at school. 


We encourage our high school students to bring in their maths school work so our awesome teachers can explain everything clearly. Have an upcoming exam? We’ve got you covered!

In addition our high school students will learn exactly how to study and maximise retaining information they have learnt with our unique Leap Ahead Study System.


English Program Overview

Our high school English program helps students greatly improve their English skills, whether it’s writing great essays, responding to poetry, visual texts or deciphering complex texts, we have successfully helped many students gain a better grasp of successful English skills.

We can help with the following:

  • Grammar
  • Writing high level text types
  • Essay writing techniques
  • Improving sentence/ paragraph structure and development of ideas
  • Responding to Poetry
  • Responding to visual texts
  • Homework Support
  • Comprehension of different text types
  • Boosting vocabulary/Spelling skills
  • Time management skills
  • Editing Skills
  • Study tips


Do you struggle to study?

Don't know where to start?

Feel overwhelmed with the workload?

Our Leap Ahead Study System has you covered

We know what you’re going through.

You have 3 exams on different subjects coming up in a week’s time and have no idea where to start.

You complete the assigned homework tasks and do some practice questions then hope for the best.

By this time your practice and revision is spread across reading over your textbook, writing in your class book and on scrap pieces of paper and worksheets. Your desk looks like chaos…

Exam time comes, you  get butterflies in your stomach and the information you thought you memorised suddenly slips away…

Sound familiar?

Surely there must be a better way to study!

That’s where we come in… Our successful Leap Ahead Study System has helped countless students greatly improve their marks from averaging 65% to achieving beyond 90% simply by applying our Leap Ahead Study System into their daily routine!

Our Leap Ahead Study System
will teach our students:

  • Critical time management skills

  • How to develop an effective study routine

  • How to block out distractions

  • Step by step guide how to make your own revision notes

  • How to retain information for exam day and beyond

  • What to do on exam day to ensure you don’t freak out


Maths Program Overview

Over the course of the year we will cover all strands of Maths to ensure our students have a deep understanding of all concepts. 

Each session focusses on a particular topic that our students require help with. We have kept our high school maths program flexible to accomodate what our students need to revise and learn each week depending on their school schedule. 

This ensures that topics we cover are relevant to the current work being taught at school.

Our awesome teachers explain concepts with worked examples as a group and students will then apply their skills with practice questions. Our teachers check up on each student and provide further explanation where required ensuring understanding and building confidence.

Maths doesn’t have to be scary!

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Maths Strands we will cover:

  • Percentages / Fractions / Decimals / Indices / Surds / Statistics / Graphs
  • Area / Perimeter / Measurement / Surface Area / Volume / Geometry
  • Pythagoras Theorem / Triangle Theory / Parallel Lines Theory / Probability
  • Algebra / Factorisation/ Consumer Arithmetic/ Coordinate Geometry
  • Trigonometry (sin, cos and tan) / Equations / Simultaneous Equations / Quadratic Equations


Enrolment & Class Learning Structure

We like to keep things super simple with no hidden surprises. 



1. Choose a suitable lesson time & pay term fees.

Our program is designed as 1 x 2hr lesson per week. 

Class times are:

Tues: 5:15pm-7:15pm

Weds: 4:30pm-6:30pm

Weds: 6:35pm-8:35pm

Thurs: 5:15pm-7:15pm

Sat: 9am-11am or 11:15am-1:15pm

We offer 2 payment options, prepaid for the term up front with a 10% discount or weekly at $55 incl GST per 2 hour session.


2. Enrol & sit initial assessment

Students sit an intial comprehensive assessment to give a snapshot of their ability in the areas of:

  • Writing
  • Reading & Comprehension
  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation
  • Maths

3. Enjoy our fun learning environment

We don't do boring at Froggy.

Our Leap Tuition program is taught in a lively and interactive way with class discussion and input from our students.


We love to unlock what's in their minds and give them the confidence to ask questions and share their ideas.

Students are encouraged to bring their maths homework from school each week so we can help as well as preparation for upcoming exams.

Ready to Leap?

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