Y1-10 January Holiday Program
15% of profits will be donated to Gaza via Aus Relief

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Why should your child attend our holiday program?

Your child deserves the best support starting their new grade in 2024 & this is where our holiday program can help!


Starting a new grade could be quite a daunting experience if students are not prepared both academically and mentally. Our English & Maths learning outcomes are aligned with the Board the Studies syllabus outcomes and will take away the stress and nerves of starting a new grade.


Our school holiday program is great to recap core concepts & learn new learning outcomes to ensure your child’s mind remains active, giving them the confidence to begin their new grade ready to tackle the challenges that lay ahead. 


How does it work?

We will be holding 3 x 2 hour English and Maths tuition sessions per week for 3 weeks running on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 


Students must attend all 3 days for 3 weeks in their chosen session time.

Students will receive an in class booklet each session where our awesome teachers will teach the content for the day and students are encouraged to join our group discussions.


Students will also receive a homework booklet which is due weekly.


Initial assessment

Students will sit a comprehensive assessment on their first session based on 2023 grade learning outcomes to give a snapshot of their ability in the areas of:

  • Writing
  • Reading & Comprehension
  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation
  • Maths


  • Structured curriculum aligned workshops

  • Catch up on missed content and prepare for the new grade

  • Keeps their mind & thinking skills active

  • All lessons are presented in a fun, interactive way

  • Initial assessment so you know where your child is at

  • Mentoring programs to boost self- confidence & motivation


What we cover

We will cover core Literacy and Numeracy concepts which will provide the best preparation for your child’s new grade. Each session is designed as a fun, interactive workshop focussing on a core area of learning in Literacy & Numeracy.

Students going onto years 3, 5, 7 & 9 will sit our pre NAPLAN program which will continue throughout Term 1 if you decide to have your child continue to benefit by enrolling in Term 1.

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Maths (Grade dependant)

  • Number

  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

  • 2D & 3D Shapes

  • Fractions

  • Percentages

  • Decimals

  • Measurement

  • Data

  • Problem solving

  • + Much more!


English Literacy

  • Text Types depending on grade: Narrative, Persuasive, Exposition, Descriptive wirting, Information Report, Procedure & Recount.

  • Sentence & paragraph structure

  • Spelling

  • Grammar

  • Punctuation

  • Reading & Comprehension techniques

  • Expanding vocabulary

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