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HSC Gameplan

English Standard

Common Module – Texts and the human experience

Module A – Language, identity and culture

Module B – Close study of literature

Module C – Craft of Writing


English Advanced

Common Module – Texts and the human experience

Module A – Textual conversations

Module B – Critical study of literature

Module C – Craft of Writing

Maths Standard

Algebra Types of Relationships + [Formulae and Equations, Linear Relationships]

Non-right-angled Trigonometry
Rates and Ratios + [Applications of Measurement, Working with Time]

Financial Mathematics
Investments and Loans
Annuities + [Money Matters]

Statistical Analysis
Bivariate Data Analysis
The Normal Distribution + [Data Analysis, Relative Frequency and Probability]

Network Concepts
Critical Path Analysis


Module 5

Module 6
Genetic Change

Module 7
Infectious Diseases

Module 8
Non-Infectious Diseases And Disorders

Business Studies




Human Resource Management


Religion and Belief Systems in Australia post 1945

Religion and Non-religion

Islam –  Aisha, environmental ethics and Hajj

Christianity – Paul, environmental ethics and Baptism

Judaism – Moses Maimonides, environmental ethics and marriage

Religion and Peace

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