At Froggy, when we say we say our teachers are exciting, adventurous, have the ability to inspire and motivate we mean it!  It is our sense of adventure and experience that allows us to instil character traits that cannot be acquired from books, character traits such as determination, focus, endurance and courage in the face of challenges are all required to produce successful students. Our founders have developed these skills through hands on experience; determination by physically climbing mountains; endurance to hike 55kms in treacherous weather conditions; courage to cross raging rivers; motivation to ensure all team members complete assigned tasks and instilling in them the self belief required to succeed.
How does all this adventure benefit our students?
Their mountain could be an assignment that is weighing on their shoulders, difficulty reading, or a  topic they just can’t grasp.
Their hike is their progression through school to adulthood, there will be many challenges  to overcome they need to be taken step by step.
Their river to cross could be NAPLAN, end of year exams, private school entrance exams or that topic in maths they never really understood and feared.
This is where we are able to help by inspiring, motivating, and instilling these great character traits of determination, endurance, courage, self belief which will see them become the best they can be!
Our people are our most valuable asset, it takes a special kind of person to join the Froggy Team of teachers. All our teachers have the relevant qualifications and skills required to undertake teaching at our centre, however when selecting teachers we look beyond that, we select teachers who share our values and commitment to our students, teachers who have the ability to inspire, motivate and model character traits that would see our students become role models for future generations and reach their full potential.
Nadia  Rasidi
Also known as the ‘Froggy lady’. Mrs Rasidi is the humble founder of Froggy Tuition Centre.  She holds a Bachelor of Teaching (Primary), Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing & Management), and is TESOL (Teaching English to students of other languages) qualified.
She has put her heart and soul into Froggy Tuition Centre and desires the best for all her students. Mrs Rasidi is the head Teacher and lesson programmer at Froggy. Over the past 10 years, she has worked at various Private and Public schools as well as having helped many students reach their full potential at Froggy Tuition Centre. Mrs Rasidi also actively trains and mentors our fantastic Froggy team of teachers.
Shady Merhi
Co-founder of Froggy Tuition Centre,  Mr Merhi is very involved in the programming and decision making process. He has studied a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance), is TESOL Certified, holds Cert IV in Training & Assessment, Cert IV in Risk Management, Cert III in Coaching & Mentoring as well as Cert IV in Forntline Management and is First Aid qualified.
Mr Merhi has been tutoring primary and high schoolers for the past 9 years at Froggy Tuition Centre and has an amazing ability to make tricky concepts simple to understand. Mr Merhi has also held many leadership roles in major Islamic community events. He’s also a keen adventurer.
“I previously volunteered alongside Mr Merhi who founded Froggy Tuition Centre and  I saw nothing but good from him (an absolute role model to the younger generation and to myself).. May God shower you both with all his blessings and reward you in all future endeavours.” Osama Khazandar