Award Winning Pre Kindy Islamic Prep

2019 WINNER & ’20, ’21 FINALIST in Canterbury-Bankstown Local Business Awards for

“Most Outstanding Education Centre”

Our multiple Award Winning Pre Kindy program is designed to effectively prepare children to enter Kindergarten with confidence. They will explore creativity, learn problem solving skills, develop communication skills & gain a solid Islamic foundation. As well covering everything they need to know in preparation for Islamic School entrance exams in a fun, hands-on and engaging way.

The birth of our Islamic Pre Kindy Program

Let us take you on a journey back to 2008, Froggy’s founders Shady & Nadia’s first son, Emad, was at the tender age of three and a half years ready to start his lifelong journey of learning.

As parents, we naturally desire the best level of care and education for our children. After searching for the perfect childcare or educational centre and trying several places we didn’t find anything that ticked all our requirements.

We wanted to place him in a kind, nurturing environment that provided wholesome Islamic values as well as:

  • Nurture his passions, ideas & well being

  • Being run by professionals and in a professional manner

  • Have a structured program with clear learning outcomes

  • Learn Quran, how to pray, love Allah SWT, dua & Arabic letters/numbers

  • Learn his English letters, numbers, shapes & colours

  • Improve his confidence and communication skills

  • Prepare him academically and socially for kindergarten

  • Prepare him for Private Islamic School entrance exams.

We didn’t want a place for our son to just run around and play all day, (we have the local park for that). Nor did we want him learning bad habits from other children so a loving Islamic environment was a must.

It was a cool autumn night after tucking our precious son into bed with his favourite snuggle toy that we looked at eachother and instantly thought, ‘we need to create our own pre kindy program that our community so desperately needs’, and the rest is history.

Fast forward 12 years and Froggy Tuition Centre is the leading Islamic Pre Kindy & K-10 Tuition Centre in Sydney.

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