Let's smash that ATAR!

Calling all year 11 & HSC Legends.  

Your time to shine is now!

100% of Leap Alumni achieved their dream ATARs

87% of Leap Alumni achieved a Band 6 in English

85% of Leap Alumni achieved an ATAR between 87 and 99

Let us supercharge your ATAR!

Our Leap Ahead Study System has you covered

We know what you’re going through.

You have 3 exams on different subjects coming up in a week’s time and have no idea where to start.

You complete the assigned homework tasks and do some practice questions then hope for the best.

By this time your practice and revision is spread across reading over your textbook, writing in your class book and on scrap pieces of paper and worksheets. Your desk looks like chaos…

Exam time comes, you  get butterflies in your stomach and the information you thought you memorised suddenly slips away…

Sound familiar?

Surely there must be a better way to study!

That’s where we come in. Our successful Leap Ahead Study System has helped countless students greatly improve their marks from averaging 65% to beyond 90%!

Our Leap Ahead Study System
will teach you:

  • Critical time management skills

  • How to develop an effective study routine

  • How to block out distractions

  • Step by step guide how to make your own revision notes

  • How to retain information for exam day and beyond

  • What to do on exam day to ensure you don’t freak out

  • How to make the most of past papers and resources

  • How to defeat procrastination once & for all!

No more zoning out and feeling bewildered.

Our Leap Life Changers are here to guide you through your HSC journey!


Our awesome team of life changers have been through your shoes, and know what it takes to smash that ATAR! 

They are all on top of their game. We’re talking DUX calibre, school captains, community youth leaders, mentors with top achieving ATAR’s of 98+ ready to show you what it takes to be a legend & get the best results possible in your HSC.

We’re passionate of making a real difference in the way you think, study and ultimately, in achieving the best marks possible.

Our small classes make learning personal, ensuring you get the attention and guidance you deserve.

Our holistic approach to smashing that ATAR


  • Small classes so you receive the attention you deserve
  • Holistic mentoring and goal setting
  • Focus on mental & physical wellbeing
  • Smart study routine & habits
  • Boosting self-confidence
  • Clear & concise Maths explanations
  • Guided essay writing & responses
  • Quality resources & past papers
  • Our Monday 4:30-7:30pm class is a perfect all round HSC option covering Core English skills, mentoring, 1 hour of HW, exam and assignment support for all subjects.

Senior Leap Classes

Monday HSC Class ($33/hr)

Time | Monday 4:30-7:30 pm 

Price | $99

About Our core 3-hour  HSC class provides a solid basis for HSC students to strengthen fundamental English skills such as essay Writing and Short Answer responses. We’ll also be guiding students to generate robust notes for Maths and other subjects. An hour will be dedicated to mentoring and providing critical H/W and assignment support for most subjects. 

Tuesday Preliminary Class ($29.33/hr)

Time | Tuesday 5:15-8:15 pm 

Price | $88 

About | Our Tuesday Preliminary class is a perfect all-around option for Year 11 students, covering core English skills, Maths, mentoring and 1 hour of HW, exam and assignment support for most subjects. It is designed to be a robust, holistic program to ensure that the skills and habits necessary for the HSC are cultivated during the 3 short terms of Year 11.

Super Saturday HSC  Classes ($33/hr)

Time | 

Biology 8:30-9:30

Business 9:45-10:45

SOR II 11:30-12:30

Maths Std 12:45-1:45

Maths Adv 12:45-1:45

Ext 1 Maths 2:00-3:00


Price | $33/Class


About | Specialised subject-specific classes where we cover content with a heavy emphasis on the syllabus and HSC questions to truly prepare students and ensure that there are no content gaps or weaknesses in exam technique. 

Custom Prelim & HSC 1-on-1 ($77/hr)

For a customised learning experience tailored to your specific needs, our qualified Leap Lifechangers offer 1-on-1 classes. Timings are flexible depending on teacher availability.

Register your interest to see what timings we can offer. However, due to high demand, positions are highly limited. The subjects offered include:

  • English Std/Adv
  • Maths Std/Adv
  • Maths Ext 1/Ext 2
  • Business Studies
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • SOR II
  • EES



HSC Gameplan

English Standard

Common Module – Texts and the human experience

Module A – Language, identity and culture

Module B – Close study of literature

Module C – Craft of Writing

English Advanced

Common Module – Texts and the human experience

Module A – Textual conversations

Module B – Critical study of literature

Module C – Craft of Writing

Maths Standard

Algebra Types of Relationships + [Formulae and Equations, Linear Relationships]

Non-right-angled Trigonometry
Rates and Ratios + [Applications of Measurement, Working with Time]

Financial Mathematics
Investments and Loans
Annuities + [Money Matters]

Statistical Analysis
Bivariate Data Analysis
The Normal Distribution + [Data Analysis, Relative Frequency and Probability]

Network Concepts
Critical Path Analysis


Module 5

Module 6
Genetic Change

Module 7
Infectious Diseases

Module 8
Non-Infectious Diseases And Disorders

Business Studies




Human Resource Management


Religion and Belief Systems in Australia post 1945

Religion and Non-religion

Islam –  Aisha, environmental ethics and Hajj

Christianity – Paul, environmental ethics and Baptism

Judaism – Moses Maimonides, environmental ethics and marriage

Religion and Peace

What parents say...

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